About Us

Royal Lao Classical Dancers is a non-profit organization and not organized for the private gain of any person.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support in-depth, ongoing instruction in traditional Laotian dances. Youth will be taught Lao classical and folk dance traditions by legendary master dancers. Our goal is to educate, promote, and up hold the beautiful traditions of Lao cultures.


Current Management:
Bangthong Chindavanh
Vilayphone Kounlavong
Thassany Pothikan
Bounkong Sourivong
Chanhpheng Sourivong
Sonnikhom Vannachit
AdvisorsAssistant ManagersFinancial Supporters
Kingfa Phimmavong
Elene Panya
Bill Sage
Bouavone Banxahack
Manichanh Ditavong
Chansanith Manivong
Teo Chumnanphong
Dona Rajasombath
Bounthanh Manivong
Monekeo Vongsamphanh
Khambang Sibounheaung

The Royal Lao Classical Dancers was founded by the former Royal Lao Dancer, Khamdy and his wife, Bangthong Chindavanh, in 1997. With the love of the cultural heritage and a goal to preserve and cherish the beautiful Lao cultures, Mr. and Mrs Chindavanh along with Mr. Sonnikhom Vanachitt, Ms. Vilayphone Kounlavong, and Ms. Thongchanh Sounthonevichit formed the Royal Lao Classical Dancers. The dancers at that time are the children and relatives of these founders. With the family system management, RLCD grew bigger and better every day.


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